kolacinski_john21Welcome to Bryan University.

The Los Angeles campus was founded in 1940 as America’s first Court Reporting institution.  Over the years, many of our graduates have gone on to prominent positions in the courts and deposition agencies across the United States.  It is considered a badge of honor to have attended and graduated from Bryan.

The last few years have been a very exciting time for all of us.  We have seen the addition of new programs on campus and online, including the ability to offer graduate-level courses.  The expansion of our online delivery has created more access to Bryan programs for students around the country.  In 2010 Bryan was named an Honor Roll Institution with Distinction by our accrediting council, and in 2011 our name was changed from Bryan College to Bryan University.  This name more correctly identifies the breadth of our program offerings at the undergraduate and graduate level.

Regardless of our name, Bryan has always been a student-centric institution that focuses on success for students and graduates.  New programs go through a rigorous review process that considers not only the scope of the program, but also the graduates’ ability to work successfully in an education-related position.  We think one of our keys to success in this area is our use of advisory boards at both the local and national level.  Our advisors, who are outstanding leaders in their fields, share their vision of the future with us.

At Bryan we make a commitment to our students, and they, in turn, make a commitment to us.  It is that partnership that produces strong students and graduates who can stand tall and take on the challenges of college and career.  We understand that the decision one makes about their career preparation is one of the most important decisions of their life.  We also understand that we’re all in this together.  We invite you to explore Bryan University and discover if what we do is right for you.


John A. Kolacinski,  President & Chief Academic Officer

Bryan University Los Angeles